PrimeShred Review – Benefits, Results and Side Effects

Who in their right mind wouldn’t love a chiseled, lean, and attractive body for themselves?

Team “not me”, right? But in order to do so, you are advised to “workout hard and abide by a balanced diet”.

It works, but it isn’t as easy as it is portrayed. You would have to choke yourself on tasteless protein, lift heavy weights to a point your muscles are sore, and limit your food intake.

Since it requires tons of hard work, you could always use some help to boost your performance, increase the weight loss rate, and embark on a journey to a faster body transformation. And the “help” we referred to earlier is best in the form of weight loss supplements.

The weight loss industry is oversaturated with countless manufacturers claiming to provide the best supplement for weight and fat reduction.

PrimeShred Review

Is it just a marketing maneuver or are they really as ultra-effective as they advertise to be?

Primeshred fat burner

What we do know is that PrimeShred — a powerful and highly-potent fat burner — has earned the title of one of the best solutions for burning fat and losing non-essential weight.

In this article, we have broken down PrimeShred and reviewed whether this highly praised supplement is worth it or not.

In addition to that, we have rounded up every ounce of information regarding this amazing product that might prove useful for your transformation journey.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

What Is PrimeShred? — Legit or another Scam?

The brand claims to have formulated a magic solution for burning ugly fat and turning your body into a storehouse of protein.

It accelerates the metabolic process, boost the weight loss rate, allowing the person to reach the ideal physique at a much faster pace — not to mention, PrimeShred preserves muscle fibers, meaning it does not just reduce the fat but also help gain muscle mass at the same time. It does sound scarcely credible, but as per the users, it is true.

Primeshred fat burner for men

The supplement comes in the form of pills, unlike what we commonly witness in the fat burning community.

The ingredients are all-natural substances obtained from chemical-free processes. In other words, it is a powerful blend of tested and tried natural ingredients, each contributing to your successful transformation.

In a nutshell, the following is what PrimeShred is all about:

  1. 100% natural formula.
  2. A storehouse of energy and potency.
  3. Vegetarian and vegan-friendly substance.
  4. An extreme fat burner.
  5. An efficient energy booster.

It explains the widespread popularity of this product. Later in this article, we are going to throw light on each of these aforesaid elements separately for a better understanding.

With innumerable optimistic reviews, it is, without a doubt, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the weight loss industry.

However, we can’t just rely on reviews only, because nobody knows what might have triggered those testimonials. So, we have decided to look deeper to find out whether it is legit or just another scam.

Why Do You Need It? | A Thorough Overview of PrimeShred’s Success

fat burning workout for men

Hankering after a successful body transformation is common amongst young men.

After all, who wouldn’t admire having a pulchritudinous physique, attractive abs, and handsome outlook? But the road to a triumphant transformation isn’t straightforward, considering the fact that it asks for a prodigious amount of hard work.

You may not be able to achieve desirable results with workout plans, never-ending cardio, and dieting alone.

Here, the exigency of a catalyst such as a fat burner supplement is undeniable.

Not every fat burner gives out the same result. Some may cause more damage rather than helping you out.

That is why we have culled Prime Shred, which is touted to be an effective solution for mass loss, and body transformation.

  1. It helps you lose whole body fat at an accelerated rate.
  2. The ingredients are all-natural and don’t contain artificial impurities.
  3. It boosts one’s metabolism, allowing the body to lose fat naturally and harmlessly.
  4. The product contains herbal constituents, making it a perfect option for vegans.
  5. It increases the body temperature which accelerates the rate at which the body expends calories.
  6. The supplement suppresses your food cravings.
  7. It alleviates stress and other mental problems, allowing you to enjoy a restful sleep.
  8. With heightened senses, your mind will feel more sharp, focused, and creative.
  1. Initially, your stomach needs some time to adjust to the dietary changes.
  2. Some may find it expensive.

A Solution for Extreme Fat Burning

Consuming a single pill sends your body into a high-metabolic state that melts off the amassed body fat just like an ice-cream on a hot summer day. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that it is a magic potion to “poof” your excess fat.

Isn’t it intriguing? Yes! Especially for overweight youngsters that look for a shortcut to get rid of that extra weight.

how to burn fat effectively without losing energy?

You might have heard of fat burners a lot, even tried some of them, but you will find PrimeShred different from anything you have ever come across.

It possesses extreme fat burning capability that does not leave adverse effects on your body.

That is primarily because Prime Shred utilizes natural ingredients to take down the stored fatty cells. Not to forget, it heavily enhances one’s metabolism, impedes fat reabsorption, increases energy consumption, boosts fat oxidation, and promotes mass reduction. .

Take the pills as rifle ammunition which you are using to terminate persistent fat amassment.

Rather than targeting a single area, each bullet reduces fat from all over the body. And it will only take a couple of magazines to get the ideal shape that you so desperately crave.

Now the question is why you should prefer Prime Shred over other supplements.

Let’s find out why.

  1. The Process Is All Natural: Instead of forcingly eliminating the fat, the supplements take a better and safer approach — thermogenesis fires up, accelerating the body’s natural metabolism to enhance the calorie expenditure. Simply put, the fat is removed when your body starts fueling up more energy and not by triggering harmful chemical reactions.
  2. Give Rise to Fat-Burning Hormones: As mentioned repeatedly earlier, the supplement accelerates the rate at which the body loses fat. But how does it achieve such catalytic results? The credit goes to the fat-burning hormones which are unleashed right after the consumption. They stimulate the fat groups, compelling them to enter the bloodstream where they are disintegrated and dissolved for good.
  3. Amplifies the Bodily Energy: Your body takes a huge toll when a fat burner is ingested, and most of these supplements weigh down on your energy. As a result, you may feel dizzy, and mentally strained. However, it is not true for Prime Shred, which amplifies the energy and gives one the necessary boost required for all-day activities.

What Are the Magic Ingredients?

You will absolutely appreciate the transparency of the composition.

The brand doesn’t hide behind terms like “secret sauce” or “magic ingredient” but provides an extensive list of ingredients that are present in this fat burner.

The components are smartly chosen, each serves an essential role in providing maximum benefits.

Primeshred Ingredients

Neither any ingredient is out of place nor there is any artificial component — the product is a combination of well-known elements that you can readily find anywhere in the market.

Some of the main ingredients are…

  1. Green coffee extracts
  2. Green tea extracts
  3. Cayenne pepper
  4. Rhodiola
  5. Caffeine

Let’s dig a little deeper to find out the role of each component in making the product so efficient.

Green Coffee Extracts

A gargantuan archive of green coffee’s weight loss abilities is just one Google search away. It is one of the oldest debates, which is also backed up by numerous pieces of research. Some consider it a big hoax, whereas the research denies and proves that green coffee extracts are effective in burning fat. No wonder gym trainers advise their apprentices to consume at least a cup of coffee daily.

Expectantly, it comes from coffee beans and contains essential weight loss compounds such as chlorogenic acid and caffeine. It is believed that the former possesses antioxidant capabilities, which lowers the consumer’s blood pressure, ultimately aiding in losing weight.

What’s the Evidence? — 22-week long research was held in which green coffee extracts were given to 16 overweight subjects. The candidates were asked to stick to their daily routine and remain physically active. And no changes to the diet were encouraged.

The results were as expected — the subjects lost 18 lbs. averagely and felt healthier than ever. Even though they consumed coffee bean extracts continuously, no side effects were reported. These extracts are abundant in Prime Shred, making the product highly efficient at what it is supposed to do.

Green Tea Extracts

Bountiful green tea extracts are found in this supplement, which are responsible for playing a contributing role in burning fat. But how does it do that? Similar to green coffee extract, green tea is a storehouse of caffeine — a powerful stimulant that is known to trigger weight loss.

Researchers have found that caffeine stimulates the production of chlorogenic acid, which reduces the glucose and fat absorption in the body, preventing the fat cells to amass. Also, it minimizes insulin levels which ultimately boosts the metabolism.

What’s more, it is also abundant with a well-known antioxidant; catechins, which is praised for its ability to enhance metabolic rate.

Green tea extracts break down fat cells, help them mobilize, and reach bloodstreams where they are treated as energy cells. It means the body starts taking the fat cells as a source of energy instead of allowing them to accumulate.

What’s the evidence? — People have been associating green tea extracts with weight loss, and now we have the evidence to prove the association. A study shows that these extracts indeed burn fat, but the percentage is greater for people who exercise.

Cayenne Pepper

For many decades cayenne pepper has been used as a weight-loss ingredient. It is no secret that most of the fat burning supplements contain a good amount of these extracts.

The following are some reasons how this simple compound help reduces weight:

  1. Increased Metabolism: The product enhances one’s metabolism, allowing the person to break down food and fat faster. The fact is backed up by research which shows that the women who consumed pepper experience a sudden boost in metabolism for some time.
  2. Fewer Cravings: Pepper puts a stop at your cravings by triggering a sensation of fullness. And once your calorie intake is decreased, you will lose fat like trees lose leaves in the fall. It has been proven by a popular 2014 survey, in which 15 subjects were fed with pepper and most of them experienced a feeling of fullness.
  3. Increase Calorie Expense: Eating spices raises one’s body temperature, which ultimately leads to more calorie burn. Since cayenne pepper is a spice, it increases the rate at which the body utilizes energy cells.

Agreeably, it is an uncommon compound, and you might have never even heard the name before. It is a root, which originates from mountainous regions of Asia.

The ingredient is treasured for its unforgettable floral odor, incredibly high potency, and therapeutic benefits.

Just like every other name in the list, it contributes heavily to weight loss, but it doesn’t stop there — the plant also serves a number of other benefits that we have discussed below:

  1. Boosts Energy: Cutting down the calorie intake leads to persistent fatigue and lethargy. With Rhodiola, you will not only lose weight but will also feel energetic all the time. All thanks to the plant’s restorative abilities, which help the user fight physical weakness. No wonder you will be energetic after consuming a serving of Prime Shred.
  2. Eliminates Belly Fat: Visceral fat is a real enemy for everyone who seeks to achieve a lean physique. Although it is quite persistent, Rhodiola targets the belly area with great force. By eliminating this obesity-related fat, the plant is also saving the person from high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, and insulin resistance. So, it miraculously doesn’t just make you leaner but also gets rid of factors that are extremely detrimental to your health.
  3. Helps You Enjoy the Workout: Our sense of well-being, the feeling of euphoria, and the sensation of self-satisfaction are related to seemingly trivial bodily hormones such as dopamine and serotonin — also known as happiness chemicals. Rhodiola fights anxiety and depression, putting you in a tranquil state of mind where you enjoy everything. So, you will be able to work out not because you have to but because you want to.

As mentioned earlier, caffeine suppresses one’s appetite, allowing the person to limit calorie intake.

Further, it also speeds up energy and heat generation in the body, resulting in faster calorie burning.

The above-mentioned extracts — green tea and green coffee — also release caffeine, which is one of the main stimulants in Prime Shred. 

Does PrimeShred Contain Vitamins?

The supplement is home to many essential vitamins that plays a monumental role in eliminating excess fat.

It contains vitamin B12, B6, and B3 — all known for their abilities to burn fat and raise metabolic rate efficiently.

These vitamins, especially Vitamin B6, give birth to an important amino acid — L-carnitine — it harmlessly forces the body to utilize the food as well as the fat for bodily functions.

How Does It Work? | An In-Depth Understanding of PrimeShred

Minimizes your cutting efforts, optimizes the natural fat burning in your body, and increases the metabolic rate, PrimeShred enables you to reach your goals faster. But do you know what triggers the fat loss?

How fat burning supplements work?

So far, we have established what ingredients it possesses, and why do you need it, but the golden question — how does it work? — remains unanswered.

However, not any longer as we have disclosed below every stage that contributes to annihilating the bodily fat.

Two Fundamental Processes that Regulates Fat Loss

Thermogenesis, which literally translates to heat-production, is an essential bodily function that keeps you alive and moving. The function of organs, hormones, and cells is directly influenced by the temperature — any fluctuation is in it messes up the normal functionality. Prime Shred triggers thermogenesis, resulting in increased body temperature, which promotes calorie consumption.

The more the heat increases, the faster and more efficiently the body consumes fat and utilizes it as energy. It wouldn’t be a far-fetched statement that the radiating heat is actually a form of burnt fat. So, this supplement does push your body onto another level.


The process of breaking down the fat is termed as lipolysis, which utilizes water and enzymes to release the stored fatty cells. It is a natural energy-producing process, occurring at all times. The slowing down of lipolysis, however, leads to obesity.

Here, Prime Shred comes in and accelerates the rate at which the enzymes break down fat. They are released in the bloodstream and are utilized as fuel — not to ignore the fact that this process suppresses hunger, reducing the calorie intake for eliminating the very source of fat.

How Prime Shred Delivers Round-The-Clock Fat Burning?

Several ingredients in PrimeShred ignites thermogenesis and lipolysis for accelerated fat breakage.

The process is broken down into the several following steps,

Fat Cells are broken down and Stored Fat is released

A sudden surge in norepinephrine and epinephrine — hormones that are responsible for fat burning — is observed right after consumption. And the reason is none other than the horde of ingredients such as cayenne pepper, green tea extracts, caffeine, robiola, and amino acids found in Prime Shred.

In addition to that, these compounds also escalate triglyceride levels significantly.

It simply means that the stored stubborn fat in your body is being released to be utilized as energy. The rate at which triglycerides are broken down is accelerated by capsaicin (found in cayenne pepper), and robiola with the help of hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) — a fat-burning enzyme, the amount of which skyrockets after consuming Prime Shred supplement.

If that wasn’t enough, another fat-burning hormone; Adiponectin surfaces that speed up the process even more. As a result, your body starts losing fat at an unprecedented rate.

The Fat Burning Process Is Accelerated to Maximum

Caffeine, green coffee extracts, and cayenne pepper give momentum to thermogenesis, resulting in an increased metabolic rate. Something as commonly found as caffeine can enhance the fat burning rate by a whopping 29% and the metabolism by 11%.

On the other hand, green coffee, chlorogenic acid, and catechins hinder the fat absorption by your body. Hence, targeting the source of the problem. The vitamins also play the same role in preventing the fat from amassing again.

One of the main reasons why your body revs up after taking Prime Shred is the amino acid L-tyrosine. It is directly responsible for keeping your metabolism working optimally.

Gives You an Energy Boost

A strict weight loss routine comes with cutting down extra carbs and calories, which leaves you devoid of energy. You may feel lethargic and slothful — a prevalent side effect of weight loss programs.

Introducing PrimeShred not only restores the liveliness but also raises your energy levels to a point where you no longer feel drained. So, you don’t need to fuel yourself up haphazardly to feel energetic again.

Aside from physical activeness, Prime Shred also gives a boost to your mental focus. You will be more vigilant of your surroundings, feel awake all the time, and experience a new level of mental alertness.

So, how does it do that?
  1. Compounds such as green tea extracts, green coffee, caffeine blocks out the production of a hormone (adenosine) that causes lethargy and tiredness. Chemicals like norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine take its place, allowing you to feel focused, more alert, and energized.
  2. Rhodiola holds paramount importance when it comes to energizing the body as well as the mind by enhancing EPO production and improving ATP. EPO is directly involved in producing RBC for transporting O2 to muscles and organs — the more oxygen is transported, the better will be the performance. So, simply by enhancing the amount of oxygen intake, Rhodiola helps the body to perform at maximum.
  3. Additionally, amino acids such as L-theanine also promote focused feeling, alertness, and mental relaxation. The claim is backed up by many studies that show how L-theanine alongside caffeine helped users defeat the never-ending feeling of tiredness and exhaustion. The acid also reduces weariness by boosting nitric oxide levels in the body, making the blood vessels wider for increased flow of blood. As RBCs are the primary means of oxygen transportation, your muscles gain more nutrients while you work out. Prime Shred, by all means, makes your work out sessions less grueling and more efficient.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing PrimeShred?

How primeshred weight loss pills works for men?
Rapid Weight loss

Weight loss is a gradual process that may take months to years. Neither we have the patience nor the motivation to stick to a strict routine for the long run.

With PrimeShred, you can get a leaner physique faster and a lot easier.

It cuts down the time required for you to lose weight, allowing you to reach your goals at a rapid pace. Include this supplement in your diet plan and experience the unparalleled benefits of hyperactive metabolism.

Suppressed Food Cravings

The loathsome aspect of any weight loss program is managing your hunger and steering your diet. How cruel would that be to crave your favorite food and not being able to eat it?

Well, the good news is that Prime Shred will always keep you full.

Or more accurately, you will feel full rather than actually having your stomach filled. This is a smart way of getting rid of those annoying food cravings. And when the sugar and calorie intake will reduce, you will ultimately start noticing the results fast.

Amplifies Energy

Reduced calorie intake not only enervates you but also stirs up extreme tiredness without any physical exertion.

The weariness prevents you from dealing with your daily chores and impairs your routine activities. If you want to restore your lost liveliness, then a high-potency fat burner such as Prime Shred is ideal for the work.

It shoves energy down your system, allowing you to feel energetic, focused, and motivated.

You may therefore notice an increase in your productivity and performance. Make this supplement a part of your life and say farewell to lethargy and fatigue.

Increased Mental Focus

Whenever you are doubting yourself, your gym trainer often advises you to remain motivated.

Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it does not. But one thing is for sure that mental focus contributes hugely to your progress in the gym.

You might have noticed that when you are confident and motivated, you are able to pull off more reps and weight. But when you are feeling down, all your energy seems to dissipate.

So, it is true what they say, “It’s all in your head”. Fat burner supplements, especially Prime Shred, contain ingredients that boost cognitive functions.

That is why you experience alertness, enhanced creativity, sudden motivation, increased mental focus, and better memory after using them.

Reduced Stress

The road to body transformation is quite bumpy and obstacles such as reduced motivation, emotional distress, and anxiety might slow you down.

You may question your progress and sometimes feel disappointed and lose heart. The same supplement that helps you lose fat also makes you happy — and this not an exaggeration.

PrimeShred contains hormones like dopamine which are known for their happiness-triggering capabilities.

They toss out and suppress the stressful thoughts that have been bothering you for so long and make your mind calm and focused on your goals.

Increased Confidence

Looking at yourself in the mirror can either be a huge letdown or a boost in confidence.

If you are overly fat, then it feels like being society’s black sheep.  it sucks up the confidence like a leach and you never feel good about yourself.

Using this fat burner can restore your lost confidence and allow you to feel good about yourself again. Even if it is a small change, you will at least know that you are on the right track.

Better Sleep

While processes like thermogenesis keep you awake, at the same time hormones as serotonin and dopamine relaxes your mind. And you will agree that a mind devoid of stressful thoughts falls asleep easily than a head full of pessimistic feelings. 

The hormones promote happiness and positive feelings which keeps insomnia away. At first, you feel hyper energized and won’t be able to close your eyes, especially if you have taken the supplement before going to bed. Eventually, your mind will come into a state of relaxation, stimulating sleepiness.

Improved Body Composition

An accelerated metabolic rate means that you will lose fast rapidly. Simultaneously, you will gain muscle mass, replacing the ugly curves with strong and athletic looks.

Prime Shred maintains a healthy balance between fat tissues and muscle fibers, allowing you to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

It is abundant in protein, providing you the energy and power you need to pull off an advanced workout routine. Without sufficient protein intake, losing weight at such a rapid pace will be hazardous to your health. Since this supplement is an enormous storehouse of muscle-building protein, you will only witness positive physical changes in your body composition.

Vegetarian Friendly

If you are someone who respects nature, then this fat burner is an ideal option for you. It contains only herbal ingredients, which are 100% natural with no artificial components.

Unlike other brands, Prime Shred manufacturers have provided a list of every ingredient that constitutes this amazing product.

Every ingredient is there to serve a particular purpose — some release fat-storing cells, while others such as different enzymes break them down. No matter what constituent we are talking about, you can consume it worry-freely since it only contains vegan-friendly compounds.

Increases Body Temperature

After taking Prime Shred, you may experience a spark in body temperature. That is because of the afore-mentioned thermogenesis process in which fat is broken down in the bloodstream, causing the heat to radiate from the body.

You will give off the heat just like an incinerator or furnace, making you resistive against harsh cold weather. You won’t be needing the extra sweater you put on when you are heading out to the gym. Also, the process allows you to shed water weight in the form of sweat.

Is PrimeShred Safe to Use?

Many brands claim their product to be the best. But having a closer look might reveal that most of them hide the formulas and the ratio of ingredients used. 

Usually, this is a notorious marketing technique to hide the weakness or inferior material.

Primeshred weight loss results before and after

The brand of Prime Shred, on the other hand, has nothing to hide. Everything from the formula to the ratio of ingredients is transparent. And only the most trustworthy seller would do such a thing.

The product is created in a controlled environment, using only the highest quality and safest constituents — not to mention, it is GMP certified, and FDA approved, which speaks for how safe the product is.

So, you can trust the product with your eyes closed. However, if you have a history of stomach or liver problems, you should consult with a nutritionist or your doctor for further guidance.

Is It Really Worth It?

Fat burners, in general, provides you a shortcut to getting lean.

They work but only to a certain degree, depending on various factors — your diet plan, health history, consistency, and of course, the workout plan.

If you just want to stuff your mouth with junk food and doze off on the couch, then not even the best fat burner can help you out.

It only works when you are motivated to change your body and willing to work incredibly hard.

The same goes for Prime Shred.

On the whole, if you are serious about your transformation goals, and are following a strict diet and work out plans, then this supplement has our highest recommendations.


The sheer amount of information is indeed challenging to absorb.

It will not be a surprise if you had a hundred questions bouncing around in your head.

Here, we have covered some of the common queries.

How to Maximize PrimeShred Effects?

It would be utterly useless using a supplement without a proper diet and workout plan. For example, strength training or extreme weightlifting will help you lose extra pounds and gain beautiful muscle mass.

Don’t forget to follow a strict protein-rich diet, which is depleted of processed sugars and a large number of carbs.

Is Prime Shred a Testosterone Booster?

Even though many fat burners have testosterone boosting capabilities, the manufacturers of Prime Shred have not made any such claim. But that does not necessarily mean that it does not do that.

However, there is no study or official statement from the brand to support the speculation.

What Are the Side Effects of PrimeShred Fat Burner?

The company claims that the product is completely safe to use science; it only contains tried and tested natural ingredients such as green coffee extracts, green tea, etc.

For beginners, however, it might be difficult to adjust for a couple of days and they feel weird in the stomach.

Once they have gotten the hang of it, the unsettling feeling will fade away.

If you are suffering from some prior health issues such as weak stomach, liver problems, or just received from a chronic disease, then the supplement can trigger adverse effects.

In this case, the person may experience frequent nausea, high blood pressure, and even vomiting.

We suggest consulting a doctor or an expert first before gambling on your health.

How Long Will It Take for You to Get Lean?

That entirely depends on the fat percentage of your body. If you are already half-way there, then a couple of months will be enough to toss the extra weight out.

On the other hand, if you are really obese, then it may take a year or even longer, depending on your hard work.

A fat burner supplement will boost the progress by stimulating your metabolism, allowing you to experience results faster.

Can I Ease Up on My Diet If I Am Using A Fat Burner?

Easing up on the diet just because you are relying on the fat burner supplement is the biggest mistake that you can do.

This is exactly why people fail at successfully transforming their bodies. A strict diet is essential if you want to fulfill your dream.

However, going for one cheat meal a week is often considered fine and even healthy so that your stomach remembers what different food tastes like.

Does Prime Shred Improve One’s Mood?

A big yes! With the help of bodily chemicals like norepinephrine and serotonin, it does put you in a better mood by fending off upsetting feelings.

It is great because mental health has a pivotal role in keeping you motivated for your goals.

Wrapping Up

The shortcut to getting ripped isn’t a fantasy anymore. With Prime Shred, you can effectively target those extra kilos, and get lean faster.

Buy Primeshred online from official website only

It is an excellent metabolism booster, which aids in getting rid of the persistent fat. Not just that, but you will also gain muscle mass simultaneously.

The recurring food cravings that used to annoyingly surround you will no longer trouble you since Prime Shred suppress these feelings.

Unlike other food supplements, a weight loss program incorporating this spectacular supplement  will not strip your activeness away but instead will energize you.

In no time, you will find yourself closer to your goals.

And if you want your body transformation to be a huge success, then PrimeShred fat burner is the way to achieve that.