PhenQ Vs PrimeShred – How to Choose Best Fat Burner?

Best Fat Burner Supplements – Discover review on PhenQ Vs PrimeShred benefits, results and more.

Fat Burner pills are real and they do work, the only thing that matters is choosing the right one as many fat burners are phony.

The demand for weight loss pills is increasing as many people have lost their sight of the gym and more users are becoming aware of the diet pills market today.

Today we have the two most demanding fat burners of 2020, PhenQ Vs PrimeShred, the battle of two fat burning titans that are known for supercharging the body systems and increase energy levels.

For those who may not know, PrimeShred is a newly introduced fat burner that works similarly to PhenQ.

Both supplements share different formula which aims to one particular goal that is weight loss.

PhenQ Vs PrimeShred Introduction



PhenQ is the best appetite suppressant in the history of natural fat burners, it’s a weight loss pill that has been in the market for 15 years.

This is the supplement created by the manufacture of Crazy Bulk that is Wolfson Berg Limited.

PhenQ aims to burn fat by curbing appetite and with other metabolisms such as thermogenesis, lipolysis, and many more.



PrimeShred is a new fat burner which in such a short time made it out of the top.

The fat burner is manufactured and marketed by Muscle Club Limited which is known for making supplements for bodybuilders and fitness geeks.

Anyways, PrimeShred shares natural ingredients that maximize metabolism speed, boost energy levels, and brings a complete physical transformation.

In the next part, we will compare the ingredients of PhenQ and PrimeShred in detail.

Ingredients Comparison PrimeShred vs PhenQ

This is to be clear, the ingredients in PrimeShred and PhenQ are natural.

fat burning ingredients

Only a few ingredients can be found in both PrimeShred and PhenQ, but the active ingredients are different than many fat burners available in the market today.

Caffeine Anhydrous is the common ingredient in PrimeShred vs PhenQ comparison. There is a reason why the best fat burners in 2020 come with a small dose of caffeine. Studies have shown caffeine in the morning increases metabolic speed and thereby increasing energy expenditure. This will also improve fat oxidation to one step ahead and provide mental benefits like more focus, physical endurance, delayed muscle fatigue, and so on. PrimeShred has a large amount of caffeine which may be causing jitters in some users. Clearly, PhenQ offers a potent but safe dose of caffeine anhydrous (100mg) which is enough for fat burn without jittery effects. [1]

Cayenne Pepper in PrimeShred and PhenQ works similarly which is by bringing the thermogenesis process on the go. The heat production in our system leads to an accelerated fat burning process which causes massive belly fat burn. PrimeShred has an effective dose of Cayenne Pepper in comparison with caffeine which provides 50mg of Capsimax. This might be because the interaction with active ingredients should be minimal. [2]

Vitamin B3 a.k.a Niacin is a part of PrimeShred as well as a PhenQ dietary supplement. This is indeed an essential vitamin for a healthy metabolism which plays a main role in the fat-burning process. In studies, Niacin has shown improvements in controlling metabolic processes and insulin levels. Any changes in the weight because of lower good cholesterol levels, cardiovascular problems, etc should be controlled if you have taken a recommended dose of Niacin. PrimeShred shares 15 mg of Niacin which is lesser than what PhenQ offers to the users. [3]

Black Pepper Extract (Piperine) Studies confirm the use of Piperine or Bioperine in the fat burners can increase the absorption of overall ingredients. Both PrimeShred and PhenQ contain Bioperine or black pepper extract which supplies various nutrition to the body and enhances their solubility. [4]

Let’s take a look now on separate ingredients or shall we say the active ingredients for PrimeShred vs PhenQ fat burners.

Every ingredient especially in PhenQ is subjected to clinical testing and found out to be effective in losing weight.

List of PrimeShred Active Ingredients

Green Tea Leaf Extract: It plays a major part in the PrimeShred formula which helps with the fat-burning mechanism.

In combination with caffeine and cayenne pepper, the Green tea leaf extract is so efficient that it shows a 4% weight reduction in studies.

It has also been found that Catechins in green tea leaf extract are helpful against obesity which has other health benefits.

You can find 500mg of Green Tea Leaf Extract in PrimeShred which is a sufficient dose for adults.

  1. Green Coffee: Few studies show adding green coffee to your diet promotes weight loss and helps you get slimmer in months. PrimeShred contains 100mg of Green Coffee extract just to be a step ahead.
  2. Vitamin B6 and B12 are a part of healthy metabolism which in PrimeShred aims to supply a large amount of energy. This will reduce the tiredness and exhausted behavior seen in young adults.
  3. DMAE: Dimethylaminoethanol exhibits some nootropic properties which is why it has been added in PrimeShred. The core effects of DMAE are improved brain functions, reduction in mood swings, and improved memory power.
  4. L-Theanine: L-Theanine is effective for weight reduction, in some studies it shows increased focus and concentration with stress reduction.
  5. Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract: It’s a performance enhancer which is best known for nootropic power, PrimeShred falsely claims it to be effective in weight loss. Surely Rhodiola Rosea extract promotes endurance and mental flexibility but it’s no good in weight reduction.
  6. L-Tyrosine: In many studies, L-Tyrosine is the type of amino acids that you take for the prevention of workout crashes. In dietary supplements, L-Tyrosine works as an energy booster which has only something to do with weight loss.
List of PhenQ Active Ingredients
  1. a-Lacys Reset: The foundation of PhenQ formula, backed by limitless clinical trials. a-Lacys Reset is a fast and active ingredient in PhenQ which is a premium grade thermogenic agent. Many studies related to this particular ingredient have shown users have lost weight remarkably.
  2. Chromium Picolinate: One of the best appetite suppressants you can find in a fat burner, Chromium is a trace mineral which is considered healthy for the body. It reduces hunger and burns fats in combination with Nopal.
  3. Nopal Cactus: PhenQ introduced Nopal extract back in 2008 where it helped millions of people controlled hunger. It’s a rich source of amino acids and fibers that keeps the hunger satisfied in users.
  4. L-Carnitine: No fat burner without amino acid is effective like we said PhenQ deals with the world’s best fat burners and one of the benefits of L-carnitine besides supplying energy is fat burn. It has been noted in clinical studies where participants took L-Carnitine for 3 months and experienced a significant weight reduction.
  5. Calcium carbonate: In many studies, a regular dose of calcium carbonate claims to provide bone strengthening and weight loss benefits. For someone who is involved in sports, the regular dose of CaCo3 maintains body weight.
Which Has the Best Ingredients?

Speaking for ingredients quality, PhenQ wins every time because the power of a-lacy reset is like none other.

As a matter of fact, PhenQ can play a significant part in your diet with just only 1 active ingredient.

PrimeShred offers a generous dosage of scientifically backed ingredients like caffeine, cayenne pepper, and green tea leaf but it surely lacks promising results after completing the formula with so many natural ingredients.

Side Effects Comparison

The following are the side effects PrimeShred users experienced since it’s a large dose for most people.

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness

PhenQ 100% of natural ingredients are free from nasty side effects. PrimeShred large dose expectations will make it go wrong sometimes but it won’t stay for long.

The side effects produced by the first time use of PrimeShred are temporary and mild occurring.

Price Comparison

Both supplements are available at a fixed rate which is affordable for a mediocre class man and woman.

Both fat burners are best bought from their official website where discount offers will captivate your ordering process.

Final Verdict – Which Fat Burner Should You Buy?

Comparing an old but best fat burner with the newly revolutionized one is a big deal for some users.

best fat burner

Although PrimeShred has gone one step ahead by providing a higher dose of every ingredient in their fat burner.

PhenQ has a different approach that is by supplying a high-quality ingredient in a moderate amount of dosage.

The main goal here is to accomplish the weight loss objectives which by PhenQ, half of million users have reached so far.

PrimeShred is a new fat burner in the line which is sort of ambitious which is good, deprived of good quality ingredients which is not so good. But altogether, if we compare both of these supplements, PhenQ wins any time of the day.


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